Badgers, squirrels, and birdies

Been working away here, preparing for some exhibitions, so lots of new stuff, and unusual hangings.

These are my fab new prints on the etsy store, I just love them , they turned out so textural!

Tese are the next batch I hope to turn into prints. I really focused on expanding my Irish Wildlife Range

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oh..heres a few pics of some mad shows these guys were featured in!

What you can see is the knitted cups and tea cups hanging from the roof!, The next picture is from a 24hour walking gallery where all the pubs/shops/restaurants are hijacked by artists to become art galleries for a week!

Hope you Liked



Good Morning Everybody



Greeted this morning by the most amazing coffee, croissant and delightful feature about my art work!

In th last post, you can see the fantastic market I had attended recently. Well, a lovely journalist had bought a piece from me and contacted me afterwards to write this little feature to my absolute delight. What a fantastic surprise!

Enjoy the read!


Woodland Print Photography

Well I have been searching for inspiration for quite some time on how to capture the essence of my work in my photography. I wanted to show my little fuzzies in their natural environment and also where I spend most of my time. There is the most beautiful forest in Kerry, where all the birch has been stained a stunning copper colour from the sea air.

Taken in Glenbeigh Co.Kerry, Ireland

I just new this spot of closely knitted avenue of trees would be perfect. Had a different idea in mind though. The following are some fun images and images from the evening..


I was never one for hanging out my washing!!!


Love this shot… the wind was just picking up and a car in the distance makes the background light up.Image

Close up of the fox.



and tidy up time with my little helpers Hamish & Sir…


January Sale

deer promo


Left to right..

Two deer on grey background A3 inset

220euro originally

180e in sale January only

Fawn on white

A4 size

110 originally

88e in sale

Doe on grey

A3 size

220e origianlly

180 euro for January


If shipping overseas, pieces will not be framed but shipped in clear plastic & through registered post

Free post

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Fawn, Vintage deer

This close up is more faithful to the actual colours of the piece. The camera picks ups the stray strands esp across the black, that the eye doesn’t, but it shows the sensitive lines and tones of the piece.

Photo Title

This is  a unique piece for me i many respects. It’s twice the size of my larger pieces. The fabric used is both retro inspired and referencing the arts&crafts era and more modern in many respects. The mounting is polaroid-esque which gives the eye more room to notice the strong contrast between the fabric and the deer itself.

It’s given me lots of inspiration for a series of pieces this big, so keep watching. x

Just did a smaller A3 version of this…


Oh Deerie Me – The deer pair

More deer! need to start thinking about appropriate titles for pairs, and how to sign the mounting.. such as “felt & applique” or what not.. anyhow.. heres the new pair.

This is one of the pair. I used strong highlights of copper to compliment the rose colour of the fabric. This is important to make the antlers look apart of the deer.

Lots of speckling again which I detailed in earlier deer posts.

On her own she looks a little off centre and I contemplated showing her hind quarters but as a set it lend movement and space to the pieces.

This is the other half.

As you can see the markings and discolorations are completely different and the stance slightly altered.

I didn’t use any speckling but just the freckles of spots on this piece. I not only wanted it to be different in looks but in character also. i particularly like the sharpness off the nose and eye.

Here is a snapshot of the pair facing away from each other, the focus becomes all about the antlers and the contrast between the pieces, but i prefer them the other way…

Looks like they having a nice chat!

If you want to see more of how the felt was built up and developed , look at other deer posts which detail different aspects of the process.

Deer Friends

Here is one of the new deer series.

Here you can see is the close up of the faces as they were done.. the techniques were adapted from the “How to do faces”, which you can find on the main Page.

The other main technique in the process was to first place copper on the highlighted muscle tone so definition wasn’t lost as more colours were added.

The copper is so strong in contrast to the browns used, that even when layers were added over it, it is still noticeable.

The speckling effect was composed by layering very thin layers over and over.

Initially coppers and peaches were felted into dots, light browns were loosely secured over these details to soften the effect and add more depth.

The white is actually a mocha colour but against the browns appears to be far brighter.

Then a very thin layer of white was placed over the hind area, and spread thinner with my fingers and the needle. It is secured along the outline of the deer, and felted in only a few areas to stop it moving.

This is one of the nicest aspects on dry needle felting, and by not securing it bu spraying water and using the iron to “felt” it. Strands can be left loose, and are not flattened by further processing.

Hope you like, if you have any queries please post in the comment and I will try to further explain the techniques.

The Deer

I have been inspired by some deer pieces recently and decided to continue with the series.

Here are just a few of the really special pieces I have seen.

these are brooches I think, I really like the personality the print lends to them

A range of beautifully merchandised and made pieces I found on the MOLLIE MAKES


In the next pieces it will be important in the stance, colours, and fabric used to distinguish between the deer and stags.

On the left is a close up of a large stag. On the right is the beginning of a stag and roe pair.

What I liked about the First piece is the sensitivity in the eyes and fabric in comparison to his size.  Although I have used the same fabric on the pair set, the stance and detail of the antlers set them apart.  I have used heavily embossed  upholstery fabric also which I hope will compliment the texture of the wool fibres.

Here is a detail of two new pieces.

i used the same drawing as a template for the stags’ body but free handed the antlers. Complimentary colour scheme should allow these pieces to be seen as both a pair and as stand alone pieces.

I will publish further on the development of these pieces and see if my intentions are successful. If you spot any unique deer pieces please feel free to add to the comments. x