What your Granny threw out…

Been busy preparing for a fantastic vintage fair here in Cork, and luckily my mom has been holidaying abroad.

While left me a fantastic opportunity to turn her entire house into a workshop!

They say vintage is what your granny threw out, well its safe to say if my mother walked in the door right now..I’D BE THROWN OUT.

In Ireland we have this unique thing called the “good room”. That refers to a sitting room that is only used when royalty or posh neighbours call around, and is not, i repeat not to be used as a storage area for prints and display stands like so…

photo (15)

Nor is it a place to staple ribbon onto notice boards…

photo (17)

but when the result is soo lovely I.m am positive she wouldn’t mind if she never finds out!



round adverty

Heres a link to my facebook, here you can see lots more, but no telling mom.


Love Molly


FINALLY!!!!! new notice boards.

Phew! finally got some work finished.

All these are avail online from my facebook page or here for under 20euro.

P&P isn’t too bad as they are light..approx 11euro for up to 2 to be posted to the USA unregistered.

Hope you Like.

Loaned my nice camera to a friend so Pictures area bit crooked but the colours are accurately portrayed as much as possible.

This piece is very softly coloured and delicate. My Favourite i think.


Hello everyone, I made lots of quirky pinboards or notice boards for an upcomming maket but got doubled booked so decided to sell through here and my facebook page.

All are priced very reasonable, between 12.50 and 15euro (plus p&p)

all are handmade and no two are the same.

Please feel free to share or contact me.

26cm diameter wooden hoop with hand printed fabric.


A3 size pin/notice board with handprinted fabric

26cm batik and wood

A2 size pinboard

vintage rabbit illustration fabric with bunny ribbon and bunting

suit nursery

I also teach classes on how to make these products, so any queries please contact me through comments or facebook


Dog ate my homework.

My gorgeous baby ate my graphite pencil so I’ve been a bit behind on my homework.

Yes that is a christmas tree in the background (house sitting at the moment, thus shortage of pencils!)

Finally began tracing out image for batik, lightly sketched/traced out image from photocopy…after this i free handed into it.

Mainly because I tend to be impatient and also to adapt the image for suitability for batik.

Tips for Batik

  • Limited colour…remember if you art using the dipping process..only certain colours can be built up.(see next post)
  • Simplicity of design(I know but rules are made to be broken) think graphic design, especially for your first batiks…its the layering of colour and different application techniques that will add to the design. Art is so often about manipulating the process to its fullest..a batik should look like a batik, if you are using (alot of) non running hand dyes..then do a silk painting.
  • Experiment, there a re so many techniques, from,tie dye, half dips, folded dips, different combinations of wax mixtures so the barrier can be penetrated, ie crackling, dry brush(wax and dye) non running dyes, hand painted dipping dyes…ermmmm? I’m sure there is more…