What your Granny threw out…

Been busy preparing for a fantastic vintage fair here in Cork, and luckily my mom has been holidaying abroad.

While left me a fantastic opportunity to turn her entire house into a workshop!

They say vintage is what your granny threw out, well its safe to say if my mother walked in the door right now..I’D BE THROWN OUT.

In Ireland we have this unique thing called the “good room”. That refers to a sitting room that is only used when royalty or posh neighbours call around, and is not, i repeat not to be used as a storage area for prints and display stands like so…

photo (15)

Nor is it a place to staple ribbon onto notice boards…

photo (17)

but when the result is soo lovely I.m am positive she wouldn’t mind if she never finds out!



round adverty

Heres a link to my facebook, here you can see lots more, but no telling mom.


Love Molly


Christmas Craft Markets

Participated in a few lovely christmas markets recently.

they take some prep!!

These were from Ballymaloe… http://www.ballymaloe.ie/

Famous culinery house & cookery school.

Fantastic range of stuff & the quality througlout was staggering.

These were from The Celtic Ross in Roscarbery.

Think I did well on the merchandising, and definately felt I established an aestethic that complemented the work.

Love the fairy lights!!

The best buys were the e-reader clip on lights bought in the discount store to draw attention to the pieces, and the laptop cooler stands to raise up the flat pieces.

Embroidery hoop flowers

Step by step

1- place 2 layers of fabric in hoop
2- before fully closing hoop… Slot in sequence / pictures /memento


3- draw a circle on fabric/ felt and cut out. You will need 6 circles


6 – using a glue gun, fold and glue 5 of the circles in half, then in quarters.


7- glue on 4 of the quarters on the base circle , and the fifth quarter in the middle. Trim where required, repeat or intermix fabrics etc.

8- glue on flowers, etc and add ribbon to hang.



HandMade Teachers’ Gifts.

Made these for a shop..you could make your own version…

by, using bought fabric or following some of my earlier posts etc and printing your own..maybe from a class photo?

some help???


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would love to see what you make. x