Good Morning Everybody



Greeted this morning by the most amazing coffee, croissant and delightful feature about my art work!

In th last post, you can see the fantastic market I had attended recently. Well, a lovely journalist had bought a piece from me and contacted me afterwards to write this little feature to my absolute delight. What a fantastic surprise!

Enjoy the read!



Quirky Gifts this Christmas

advert fair2


An advert for some of mine & my friends products, that have a quirky & original feel.

All of us attend the Fair Alternative, Cork City.

here are the producers featured….






Its been some day.

 Lots of decisions today, about where to focus my business etc.

But it’s been a fab week in terms of confirming exciting craft fairs and events that I have aspired to be apart of.

Lots to do and some stress but I’m going to keep looking over my couch where I hang hung these pieces to keep me inspired and focused.


Lots to be excited about… Just moved so hopefully you’ll catch glimpses of my new house in product shots. Finally got me some instagram too do you’ll see far more in progress shots… And on that note,


is this how Warhol felt when he saw his prints on the rack? More laundrette than factory though! /em>

src=”” alt=”20120503-180614.jpg” class=”alignnone size-full” />


these are work in progress, I slip them into the embroidery hoops to check the composition and to take mental notes on what fabric bows would look nice