Fox Illustration

New Year, New Illustrations.

Have started some new animals, here’s my first fox from drawing to framing.


photo (2)



Fawn, Vintage deer

This close up is more faithful to the actual colours of the piece. The camera picks ups the stray strands esp across the black, that the eye doesn’t, but it shows the sensitive lines and tones of the piece.

Photo Title

This is  a unique piece for me i many respects. It’s twice the size of my larger pieces. The fabric used is both retro inspired and referencing the arts&crafts era and more modern in many respects. The mounting is polaroid-esque which gives the eye more room to notice the strong contrast between the fabric and the deer itself.

It’s given me lots of inspiration for a series of pieces this big, so keep watching. x

Just did a smaller A3 version of this…



Finally came up with an idea for a new series… and I love them!!

when I saw I.. I mean I bugged people to inspire me..ha

here is a finished piece

This is “silly billy”

I have also done a girl version.

I think they will be idea gifts for children, christenings, etc. I will do a special price on them to target this market.

These will be made to order so the child’s name can be put on the mount.

here’s a few more I’m working on… roosters and such

Robin – Christmas Series

Working on products for Christmas Markets!

So Lots of little birdies to be posted..

Camera used wasn’t fantastic so detail is a bit fuzzy unfortunately.

Here you can see how the robin was developed.

The stitching and applique parts were already completed and thew robin drawn out lightly in fabric marker on pre-felt.

I lightly layered on oranges and reds onto the breast, and the blue along side it.

i then added white and a taupe colouring to the belly.

I added green and brown for the wings and highlights with taupe and white.

I chose to use dark brown for the legs, the eye holds so much expression , it needed the balance for the quirkyness.

A little fuzzy but here is the final piece.

Behind Glass….

The Deer

I have been inspired by some deer pieces recently and decided to continue with the series.

Here are just a few of the really special pieces I have seen.

these are brooches I think, I really like the personality the print lends to them

A range of beautifully merchandised and made pieces I found on the MOLLIE MAKES


In the next pieces it will be important in the stance, colours, and fabric used to distinguish between the deer and stags.

On the left is a close up of a large stag. On the right is the beginning of a stag and roe pair.

What I liked about the First piece is the sensitivity in the eyes and fabric in comparison to his size.  Although I have used the same fabric on the pair set, the stance and detail of the antlers set them apart.  I have used heavily embossed  upholstery fabric also which I hope will compliment the texture of the wool fibres.

Here is a detail of two new pieces.

i used the same drawing as a template for the stags’ body but free handed the antlers. Complimentary colour scheme should allow these pieces to be seen as both a pair and as stand alone pieces.

I will publish further on the development of these pieces and see if my intentions are successful. If you spot any unique deer pieces please feel free to add to the comments. x

Nature in progress

Have been working on some nature themed pieces lately…

here’s the pieces as they were developed.

Check out the pages on further techniques or post any queries.

Outlined in fabric marker lightly and then black merino was secured on outline

beginning filling in the main colours and a few highlights

main colours completely set out, and a few hints at detail, but many strands are still loose and need to be tidied up and secured.

Lots of it secured, tidied etc and the sewing machine has been applied in areas to add an alternative texture and point of interest.

close up of sewing and the blue fuschia, the blue was chosen to add contrast and a focus to the symetry of the piece.

Framed in a box frame

second fuschia piece.. developed as the first piece..

Breadcrumbs. My fairy tales with a twist

My new piece, well actually pieces.

I couldn’t quite decide the @perspective@ on this one so i did two!!

I wanted to do a monocrome one and one with a more twilight feel to it..

They are shy a few details, need to pop a little lace on cuffs on the monocrome one and stitch on little origami flowers into the hand and background, as if she is leaving them as breadcrums..

I’ve been experimenting with types of pre-felt also, as my work as gotten more detailed, the felt I have been using has been too elastic to hold further ‘needling’, finally i have found one that works…

this is a link if you interested in the make/type/consistancy…I have experimented with lots, and they have snapped needles etc, yes, i have to be a little careful with the force I use but I think it holds the detail better and the price is great.

Here you can see i have gotten more confident in my ‘drawing’ with the sewing machine, so used some gold thread, to show off, of course.

This is the final piece, except for a little tweaks, I like her attitude.

I always find my mood in reflected in the faces. Guess how I was feeling!

Hmm pic doesn’t do it justice, Its very smoky and fells like twilight is just settling..whern both are framed I will update this post.

….some time later…

Hope you like.