Breadcrumbs. My fairy tales with a twist

My new piece, well actually pieces.

I couldn’t quite decide the @perspective@ on this one so i did two!!

I wanted to do a monocrome one and one with a more twilight feel to it..

They are shy a few details, need to pop a little lace on cuffs on the monocrome one and stitch on little origami flowers into the hand and background, as if she is leaving them as breadcrums..

I’ve been experimenting with types of pre-felt also, as my work as gotten more detailed, the felt I have been using has been too elastic to hold further ‘needling’, finally i have found one that works…

this is a link if you interested in the make/type/consistancy…I have experimented with lots, and they have snapped needles etc, yes, i have to be a little careful with the force I use but I think it holds the detail better and the price is great.

Here you can see i have gotten more confident in my ‘drawing’ with the sewing machine, so used some gold thread, to show off, of course.

This is the final piece, except for a little tweaks, I like her attitude.

I always find my mood in reflected in the faces. Guess how I was feeling!

Hmm pic doesn’t do it justice, Its very smoky and fells like twilight is just settling..whern both are framed I will update this post.

….some time later…

Hope you like.


Lazy Alice

                                      New Project “Lazy Alice”

       (I’ve been up to mischief trying to add a new twist to the work)

                 This is the fabric laid out before its stitched.

I want to use the stitching, like sketch lines, rather than just securing

the fabric, I want it to add a 3D element to it also.

Ok so in these images you can see the background coming through,

which isn’t visable to the eye, the colour is also more vibrant.

I need to get some advice on photographing the works, The quality of

the camera picks up every stray fibre but that intensity of light flattens

the colour..hmmm will take’s a canon slr eos I have.

So I have included this (non flash) image, and although it’s a bit

blurred or has a yellow hue on the white, the other colours are more


                                          Close up of stitching and fabric

                                         And finally, this is Henry.

Project is about 80% complete, I need to work on some contrast and

highlight and some free stitching over the branches I think too.

Watch this space. Oh any suggestions on Photographing very welcome,

I am more than aware after spending several hours working, I shouldn’t

put work on kitchen floor and hope for best!!