Christmas Markets

Last post this year.

Thanks to all the organisers, stall holders and customers that made it such a succesful year.

Heres some of my favorite pictures from the markets

All these are now sold out. The notice boards flew!! will have to double the amount next year & plan to add a few different sizes too once my new workshop has been built.

These are

I set up a mini stall for her as she was away. Such eye-catching, humourous & quirky pieces.

Next year..there will be lots more animals, products, web launches and keep posted & thanks for following.


Pop Up Shops and Display

Ok so a little background may be required.

This blog was started as a distraction and a record of my fumblings with needle felting. It has changed and developed in the last few months into a few things,

what I’m interested in

what I’m making

and how I’m making it.

I have decided to start a little bit about displays I like in craft fairs and pop up shops.

I am fortunate enough to have sold the work I have made to date online and in ECO CHIC Dublin. I aspire to start fairs/fleas in June. I also dream of curating/organising some events/stalls or pop up shops with a range of artists. Cork, Ireland isn’t the most inspiration place for crafters, but it is a willing and enthusiastic city.

So I am opening this category as an invitation to other crafters, artists, to share ideas, and inspirations.

Here’s some of mine….

a bunch of crafters opened this place up in the UK. They opened for the christmas season. Amazing amount of effort was obviously put into displaya nd its an inspiration to stationary/permanant shops.

This is Refound. Basically if Refound was a person I would have a total crush.

These guys have a brilliant website, itemising what they do and by whom. The are on facebook

and on there, you will see how they transform spaces that echo artistic and design sensibility that is jaw droppingly good taste.

I mentioned I have a crush right? ok, so it may be a love affair!!

¬†Seriously gifted people out there!! this is MON PETIT POIS’s bike/shop

She is based in Dublin, and has a seriously good sense of humour.

Found this on pinterest

I just like how care has been taken with the display.

At fleas/markets it’s not often displayed with such attention to detail


So I have a few ideas for my display in fleas/markets

I have a 70’s flamingo pink drawer like this, that i will wallpaper the inside, and put some of the notice boards into

I have a red oval hat box from the 60’s that will be for smaller products..(watch out in next few months..still in protype stage)

I own something simular to this(less christmassy)

I intend to paint it a fun colour and hang my business cards, images of work displayed in homes, and smaller products from it

ok so i prob wont get to this but I love the idea!!

I also must print shop name on table cloth, hang some bunting etc off it..

Thats it so far..I will add to this. as I go along. Hopefully I will able to then experiment develop and explore my mad ramblings aspirations and dreams to launch a Maker’s dream Business