Fantastic Craft Market Weekend

Had a great weekend working at a local market. I have been so excited to try out new display ideas , and this weekend was perfect! Beautiful weather (miraculously) and fantastic company with the lovely Kay from

Heres a few snaps of my new display props and ideas I tested out before hand…

Print Range of bear,fox, deer and owl.
Print Range of bear,fox, deer and owl.


Gorgeous close up of my new owl happily perched on this rustic ladder display.

I just love the flowering Irish Hawthorne I picked out the garden.


And some market snippets and close ups..

IMG_0106 (1)


Original felted illustration of a butterfly in a dramatic box frame


IMG_0103 (1)




Its been some day.

 Lots of decisions today, about where to focus my business etc.

But it’s been a fab week in terms of confirming exciting craft fairs and events that I have aspired to be apart of.

Lots to do and some stress but I’m going to keep looking over my couch where I hang hung these pieces to keep me inspired and focused.