Getting my first coop 

woohoo, it’s my first day of chicken keeping and I’m so excited. Since so many if you are interested and back yard chickens really have taken off , I thought I’d share my experience and research to date.  

My gorgeous coop was super reasonable and easy to assemble from the folks at Free delivery was the clincher but I also spotted some lovely coops on 

It arrive in two boxes and I managed to assemble all by myself! Except the roof bit, that had me totally flustered! It’s fairly lightweight but once assemble it’s very sturdy. 

You will need hay, water containers feeders and food! I would recommend getting a starter kit as I didn’t and well it’s been a pain in the arse trying to get the feeder and waterer. 
Littlehill sanctuary of Mrs. Doyle fame, rescues over 10,000 hens twice a year and for a nominal cost will provide you laying hens for your new adventure into chicken keeping. I was waiting on a few of these when a neighbour asked me to re-home her little white hens who were being picked on. Still planning on dime of these gals though for the farm.  

After only 1 hour!! A precious white egg! I loaded the nesting boxes with dried herbs (basil, parsley, coriander) and they gobbled it all up. The girls will be coop bound for 2 weeks and then I will leave them roam free during the day . To stifle the boredom until then, I plan on lots of fun things. 

Hanging a lettuce from the coop to play and eat 

Wedging a roosting perch in the fence to sunbath 

Watermelon brunches! 
Lots of useful tips here