Hand Needlefelted Fox

Been so busy lately have really been neglecting my blog.

But I have been working on foxes since January.

This was the first one done over January. I’ve stuck with those earthy fabrics and colours throughout as its cutesy and rustic.


You can see where I have used fabric marker to outline the main charcteristics.

I gently build up the colours and tonal areas.

The face has such a pursed look and softness.

The tree came almost last, I felt it was a little lonely looking in terms of composition so added free hand stitching and fabric to create depth.


The second fox, I have made into a Giclee Print.

WHats a giclee print as opposed to all the others?

well its professionally scanned and edited to fully represent the original in terms of texture, colour, depth and longevity.

The image above is the beautiful Sarah holding the smaller of the two sizes with Hamish, but below is the actual print.

Its amazing to look at and touch, defies its flat surface.

Here it is with FREE P&P for a limited time only.



Here is a sneak peak of my two new foxes, not yet framed, as the frames have just been painted and need waxing

fox leaf

fox tail

They will be a bit tighter in the mount, but like the overall composition and a true representation of the stunning clever and cute Irish Fox.


Fawn, Vintage deer

This close up is more faithful to the actual colours of the piece. The camera picks ups the stray strands esp across the black, that the eye doesn’t, but it shows the sensitive lines and tones of the piece.

Photo Title

This is  a unique piece for me i many respects. It’s twice the size of my larger pieces. The fabric used is both retro inspired and referencing the arts&crafts era and more modern in many respects. The mounting is polaroid-esque which gives the eye more room to notice the strong contrast between the fabric and the deer itself.

It’s given me lots of inspiration for a series of pieces this big, so keep watching. x

Just did a smaller A3 version of this…



Finally came up with an idea for a new series… and I love them!!

when I saw I.. I mean I bugged people to inspire me..ha

here is a finished piece

This is “silly billy”

I have also done a girl version.

I think they will be idea gifts for children, christenings, etc. I will do a special price on them to target this market.

These will be made to order so the child’s name can be put on the mount.

here’s a few more I’m working on… roosters and such

Robin – Christmas Series

Working on products for Christmas Markets!

So Lots of little birdies to be posted..

Camera used wasn’t fantastic so detail is a bit fuzzy unfortunately.

Here you can see how the robin was developed.

The stitching and applique parts were already completed and thew robin drawn out lightly in fabric marker on pre-felt.

I lightly layered on oranges and reds onto the breast, and the blue along side it.

i then added white and a taupe colouring to the belly.

I added green and brown for the wings and highlights with taupe and white.

I chose to use dark brown for the legs, the eye holds so much expression , it needed the balance for the quirkyness.

A little fuzzy but here is the final piece.

Behind Glass….

Lazy Alice

                                      New Project “Lazy Alice”

       (I’ve been up to mischief trying to add a new twist to the work)

                 This is the fabric laid out before its stitched.

I want to use the stitching, like sketch lines, rather than just securing

the fabric, I want it to add a 3D element to it also.

Ok so in these images you can see the background coming through,

which isn’t visable to the eye, the colour is also more vibrant.

I need to get some advice on photographing the works, The quality of

the camera picks up every stray fibre but that intensity of light flattens

the colour..hmmm will take advice..it’s a canon slr eos I have.

So I have included this (non flash) image, and although it’s a bit

blurred or has a yellow hue on the white, the other colours are more


                                          Close up of stitching and fabric

                                         And finally, this is Henry.

Project is about 80% complete, I need to work on some contrast and

highlight and some free stitching over the branches I think too.

Watch this space. Oh any suggestions on Photographing very welcome,

I am more than aware after spending several hours working, I shouldn’t

put work on kitchen floor and hope for best!!