Finally, completed some work, after a busy week away.

Here’s a little gallery of close ups.

Started using a few embellishments, and stocked up on some supplies, so looking forward to start experimenting.


It’s Raining Molly

Started new piece today while waiting for wool to soak/dye.

It’s based on a dream and I’m partial to it.

Heres the starting points, you can see slight adjustments made to be more suitable for the felt process

The colours here are very different than the outcome.  I have learnt to apply darker colours before the lighter (of the face) to stop stray strands being worked into unwanted areas. Also using high intensity colours under areas leads to more expressive and vartied results.

I love doing the hair this way, it is only secured at the roots, like in real life, so I can tease it into place, and it flows more naturally.

When the piece is completed, I will add a little more.

The background looks white, but is actually very sparsely spread dyed blue, you can see it in the next pic, its part of the blue I’m dying for a previous project, but I took a sample out earlier to have a few tone variations and couldn’t resist using it.

Getting better at photographing these more accurate to the actual colours used, but in no way does it represent the texture and softness of the pieces, so I can only hope that the mood of the piece in some way comes across.