And what’s a butterfly?

And what’s a butterfly?, At best

He’s but a caterpillar, at rest.

~John Grey

Inspired by the stunning butterflies on the wild Buddleja growing outside, I veered away from my typical wildlife and fabric applique to try something truly different.


I made a few gift cards of these too. Wrapped in a little twine bundle, they make a perfect little gift in themselves.




These are the three butterflies,

Left to Right

emperor, peacock,swallowtail

 I wanted to do predominantly Irish butterflies as I love to work from my own images, but I was taken by a few colourful exotic species too! I kept the plant life home grown though, with buddleja, thistle and wild daisy.


I had in mind that one could display their favourite two or three in a row, but when photographing, I just loved this little formation. Something extra quirky and distinct about it.

  I framed these up in a raw wood frame from a sustainable forest, must take some pics of that soon… actually lots more pics to take but in the middle of shooting, I had a liitle visitor get very jealous!


I’ll post more soon,  but if you interested in following me on facebook to see more progress shots and of course more of Hamish!

I also recommend

for fab info and pics o n Irish wildlife and butterflies, they are a great source of inspiration and information.



Badgers, squirrels, and birdies

Been working away here, preparing for some exhibitions, so lots of new stuff, and unusual hangings.

These are my fab new prints on the etsy store, I just love them , they turned out so textural!

Tese are the next batch I hope to turn into prints. I really focused on expanding my Irish Wildlife Range

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oh..heres a few pics of some mad shows these guys were featured in!

What you can see is the knitted cups and tea cups hanging from the roof!, The next picture is from a 24hour walking gallery where all the pubs/shops/restaurants are hijacked by artists to become art galleries for a week!

Hope you Liked


Fantastic Craft Market Weekend

Had a great weekend working at a local market. I have been so excited to try out new display ideas , and this weekend was perfect! Beautiful weather (miraculously) and fantastic company with the lovely Kay from

Heres a few snaps of my new display props and ideas I tested out before hand…

Print Range of bear,fox, deer and owl.
Print Range of bear,fox, deer and owl.


Gorgeous close up of my new owl happily perched on this rustic ladder display.

I just love the flowering Irish Hawthorne I picked out the garden.


And some market snippets and close ups..

IMG_0106 (1)


Original felted illustration of a butterfly in a dramatic box frame


IMG_0103 (1)


Hand Needlefelted Fox

Been so busy lately have really been neglecting my blog.

But I have been working on foxes since January.

This was the first one done over January. I’ve stuck with those earthy fabrics and colours throughout as its cutesy and rustic.


You can see where I have used fabric marker to outline the main charcteristics.

I gently build up the colours and tonal areas.

The face has such a pursed look and softness.

The tree came almost last, I felt it was a little lonely looking in terms of composition so added free hand stitching and fabric to create depth.


The second fox, I have made into a Giclee Print.

WHats a giclee print as opposed to all the others?

well its professionally scanned and edited to fully represent the original in terms of texture, colour, depth and longevity.

The image above is the beautiful Sarah holding the smaller of the two sizes with Hamish, but below is the actual print.

Its amazing to look at and touch, defies its flat surface.

Here it is with FREE P&P for a limited time only.


Here is a sneak peak of my two new foxes, not yet framed, as the frames have just been painted and need waxing

fox leaf

fox tail

They will be a bit tighter in the mount, but like the overall composition and a true representation of the stunning clever and cute Irish Fox.

Christmas Craft Markets

Participated in a few lovely christmas markets recently.

they take some prep!!

These were from Ballymaloe…

Famous culinery house & cookery school.

Fantastic range of stuff & the quality througlout was staggering.

These were from The Celtic Ross in Roscarbery.

Think I did well on the merchandising, and definately felt I established an aestethic that complemented the work.

Love the fairy lights!!

The best buys were the e-reader clip on lights bought in the discount store to draw attention to the pieces, and the laptop cooler stands to raise up the flat pieces.


Its been some day.

 Lots of decisions today, about where to focus my business etc.

But it’s been a fab week in terms of confirming exciting craft fairs and events that I have aspired to be apart of.

Lots to do and some stress but I’m going to keep looking over my couch where I hang hung these pieces to keep me inspired and focused.


Finally came up with an idea for a new series… and I love them!!

when I saw I.. I mean I bugged people to inspire me..ha

here is a finished piece

This is “silly billy”

I have also done a girl version.

I think they will be idea gifts for children, christenings, etc. I will do a special price on them to target this market.

These will be made to order so the child’s name can be put on the mount.

here’s a few more I’m working on… roosters and such

Oh Deerie Me – The deer pair

More deer! need to start thinking about appropriate titles for pairs, and how to sign the mounting.. such as “felt & applique” or what not.. anyhow.. heres the new pair.

This is one of the pair. I used strong highlights of copper to compliment the rose colour of the fabric. This is important to make the antlers look apart of the deer.

Lots of speckling again which I detailed in earlier deer posts.

On her own she looks a little off centre and I contemplated showing her hind quarters but as a set it lend movement and space to the pieces.

This is the other half.

As you can see the markings and discolorations are completely different and the stance slightly altered.

I didn’t use any speckling but just the freckles of spots on this piece. I not only wanted it to be different in looks but in character also. i particularly like the sharpness off the nose and eye.

Here is a snapshot of the pair facing away from each other, the focus becomes all about the antlers and the contrast between the pieces, but i prefer them the other way…

Looks like they having a nice chat!

If you want to see more of how the felt was built up and developed , look at other deer posts which detail different aspects of the process.

Robin – Christmas Series

Working on products for Christmas Markets!

So Lots of little birdies to be posted..

Camera used wasn’t fantastic so detail is a bit fuzzy unfortunately.

Here you can see how the robin was developed.

The stitching and applique parts were already completed and thew robin drawn out lightly in fabric marker on pre-felt.

I lightly layered on oranges and reds onto the breast, and the blue along side it.

i then added white and a taupe colouring to the belly.

I added green and brown for the wings and highlights with taupe and white.

I chose to use dark brown for the legs, the eye holds so much expression , it needed the balance for the quirkyness.

A little fuzzy but here is the final piece.

Behind Glass….