Etsy Shop Now Open

Finally have opened up an etsy shop… listing are a sample of printed noticeboards and we’ll see how it goes. Fingers Crossed. xx


Online Pop Up Shop

How clever is this, a group of Crafters, based in Ireland that all chat online, have come up with a great idea. To make a pop up shop online for a limited time.
It's aimed at parents buying presents for their childrens' teachers. Good idea isn't it?
A few technical aspects that will be eckked out and a few
 things we will probably learn along the way.
The popup is being run through Facebook Events, so we can usee all our contacts.
We can just alter the date on cpmpletion, so we don't have to re-invite guests for a future event..back to school,
 Hallowe'en ..etc.
For simplicity, all prices include P&P for Ireland.
My two A3 noticeboards are here for 20euro incl/free P&P (Ireland)

Fingers crossed, it will be the start of more entrepreneunial genius 😉
Link to online pop up shop...

Merchandising my products

Finally in a position to merchandise my products. I suppose by thatI mean,
Creating an image that reflects the products/ ethos
Creating a recognizable image
Professional feel/ photography.

With those ideas in mind, I have photographed new work, only I don’t have my proper camera until the end of the month…





It’s harder than I thought, I think better camera will help lighting. … It’s good practice for markets and next week I’ll be creating a wall of my work in a shop, so will post images of that too.

Ok to update this post… I have finally had the opportunity to market my work in a shop.

I wanted to make a clear difference between my work and the others.

I bought a piece of fabric from Ikea, and worked with that colour scheme.

Ok, it’s a little off balance, because I wanted one of my smaller pieces on the left side rather than 2 circular pieces but out of stock at the mo.

I also considered having bunting with my name on top of it but the ceilings in the shop are very low and there wasn’t much space. I thought it was more vital to hang the work at eye level.

I also (cheekily ) reorganised th ework around the piece to compliment the flow of the


Second display