Etsy Shop Now Open

Finally have opened up an etsy shop… listing are a sample of printed noticeboards and we’ll see how it goes. Fingers Crossed. xx


Printing on Fabric

Saw a fantastic project on about making photo pillows. I dont know about the transfer paper they use, but i use a technique in my art work that may be easier and more resistant.


I use a product called DYLON IMAGE MAKER (tub is far better value but hard to source).

This is a close up of a piece i made a while back. I photocopied an image in b&w A1 size. I painted straight onto canvas, using acrylics pencil, spray paint, chalk , you name it. I then transfered the image onto the canvas. Simple as.

few points to remember.

  • the image prints in reverse
  • its not water resistant if you use water based products(paint) with it.
  • Lean on a hard surface when removing the paper
  • you’ll need a sponge and some ‘elbow grease’ too remove the paper

Anyway..I think it would be easy to adapt this product for the project in the above link.