Some great weaving idea’s

I’ve been researching some alteranative weaving applications, that could be done over a shorter period of time.

The following is some links to these projects and as I attempt them myself, I will update


Dying Wool & Fibres.

So for my needle felting project I needed to create a fleshy colour, that would suit.

I use DEKA brand dyes, but dylon cold dyes are just as good.

When making a dye bath, I make sure i add a little more salt than the packet requires, a few tablespoons (4-6 for a 2 litre bath) of vinegar.


Even though I wanted a hint of yellow in my bath, I used the rose colour to see how it would take to my wool and fibres.

You can see that the wool and fibres reacted very differently to the dye, which is why I didn’t add any yellow to the rose colour, I wanted to see how it would react initially. I also used some merino fibres(still soaking) which turned out another shade again.

Heres some precolour fibres, which after only a few minutes emmersed has altered shade from its original yellow.

Don’t waste a dye bath, save some in a sealed jar for future use (label clearly)

dyes some wool, tights etc…great for rag weaving and other projects.


  • make bath according to packet instructions.
  • use a container with a lid (easier to store if needs to soak overnight)
  • put fibres into a pair of tights(easier to drain, and for fibres, protects it from breaking apart)
  • wait until the bath cools , fibres tend to felt together otherwise.
  • extract wool/fibres at different times to get a range of shades.
  • add some more dye to get a range of complimentary shades.
If your are using wool straight from a sheep, make sure u wash in anti- bacterial liquid to kill fleas and ticks! (use tights again)
Give it a good brush too between two wire brushes to get rid of grit etc.
Any queries, please leave a comments and I’ll get back to you.