Christmas Markets

Last post this year.

Thanks to all the organisers, stall holders and customers that made it such a succesful year.

Heres some of my favorite pictures from the markets

All these are now sold out. The notice boards flew!! will have to double the amount next year & plan to add a few different sizes too once my new workshop has been built.

These are

I set up a mini stall for her as she was away. Such eye-catching, humourous & quirky pieces.

Next year..there will be lots more animals, products, web launches and keep posted & thanks for following.



I would consider myself a textile artist, although I trained as a
painter, with a dash of print. I have teaching art for awhile now and
have seen needle felt & fabric been applied in all sorts of ways but
never in itself as a contemporary art form that I wanted myself. This
became my mission.

Simultaneously I started thinking of my characteristics and traits in
animalistic terms. I growl in the morning, love to have my ducks in a
row, and hide beneath my antlers constantly. Thus I stumbled on a body
of work that was both deeply personal, emotive but incredible
frivolous at the same time, after all, I illustrate ducks!

The eyes became my obsession, each eye takes approximately 300-400
needle punches in a 2-3 millimetre space. The eyes reflects my mood
despite any intention I may have. The rest is about finding the
balance between the layers of fibres and the fabric. The fibres are
built up in layers of colours. I like the loose textural and tactile
feel to this. You should want to pet it!

I usually sell my work online but mostly at craft markets. I want to
meet the people who re-home my animals, find out what attracts them
and ensure they go to a good home! Badgers are next, I’m not sure what
they reflect, I won’t until I have made a series of  them. People
suggest animals all the time, but that’s like wearing clothes that
don’t fit. I did a flamingo recently, just one. I was feeling
flamboyant and annoyed….oh boy does it show. He sold straight away
and I was asked for another, they’ll just have to wait until I’m in
that humor again.

If you are interested in purchasing my work, pop over to facebook. You can see the latest work & pm me directly.


Christmas Craft Markets

Participated in a few lovely christmas markets recently.

they take some prep!!

These were from Ballymaloe…

Famous culinery house & cookery school.

Fantastic range of stuff & the quality througlout was staggering.

These were from The Celtic Ross in Roscarbery.

Think I did well on the merchandising, and definately felt I established an aestethic that complemented the work.

Love the fairy lights!!

The best buys were the e-reader clip on lights bought in the discount store to draw attention to the pieces, and the laptop cooler stands to raise up the flat pieces.